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Warehouse. Fast!
Solution for small and medium businesses,
regional clients and short-term projects
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3 reasons to use this service
  • Fast start

    Possibility of delivery of goods for storage on the day of signing the contract

  • Shelf life
    The minimum term is 1 day. Framework standard contract for one year without penalties for early termination
  • Volume and payment for storage
    Volume: from 1 to 500 euro pallets. Payment for storage according to the used number of pallet spaces
Warehouse Novoselki and Chekhov
  • Transport accessibility
    The Simferopol highway.
  • Heated class A warehouse
    Total area 21 000 m2
  • Schedule
    Mon - Fri: from 9 to 17
Warehouse Services
  • Monopallets
  • Mix pallets
  • Bulk cargo
  • Storage on racks in cells 1200*800*1800 mm
  • Floor storage
  • Monopallets
  • Box-by-box picking, mix-pallet formation
  • Monopallets
  • Mix pallets
  • Bulk cargo

Storage and handling

  • Europallets 120*80cm, height up to 180 cm
  • Pallet weight: up to 600 kg, box weight: up to 15 kg
  • Storage 1 SKU = 1 pallet
  • Minimum handling unit — box
  • Expiration date management — not provided


  • Non-perishable products
  • Non-hazardous products classified by ADR
  • Not products that require special storage conditions, licenses
How to place cargo into a warehouse
Send a request to Info@sbslogistics.com
Clarify the details and sign the contract
Agree on entry time and date
Bring the goods to the warehouse

Calculate the Freight Costs

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