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Multimodal transportation
Multimodal transportation refers to the movement of cargo from origin to destination using several modes of transportation, such as rail, road, water, and air, in a coordinated and an integrated manner.

Benefits of SBS Logistics

Wide geography
Including the the direction of Europe — Central Asia — China, which is often a convenient way to carry out transportation in hard-to-reach regions
Our experts use efficient and well-developed routes to ensure timely delivery of your cargo
Cargo safety
Take full legal responsibility for every container shipment and insure goods and risks with major international partners, ensuring maximum safety for your cargo
Cost optimization
Involves the seamless transfer of packages between different transportation modes to optimize efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability
One contact for all queries
Receive an assigned contact partner for all your shipments so you don’t have to worry about whom to be in touch with. This also allows us to know and understand your business and offer consistent and effective solutions

Features of multimodal transportation

  • One operator is responsible for the entire multimodal transportation process
  • Cargo is used instead of consignments on transport documents
  • The process involves the use of at least two modes of transportation

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