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Project logistics
Special cargo transportation, and project management services, including detailed planning, and sequencing of end-to-end shipments from suppliers to destination sites ensuring that all cargo converges and arrives on time. The services require high expertise in logistics

We provide

  • Preparation
    Analyze the cargo, develop a transportation plan, select the optimal routes with maximum safety and efficiency of transportation
  • Specialized transport solutions
    Customize the transport of oversized freight with a responsive transportation plan and multimodal options, including air, ocean, customs brokerage
  • Coordination
    Management of all stages of transportation, including adherence to International standards, procurement of necessary permits, infrastructure changes, and organizing support throughout the entire process
  • Monitoring
    Constant and timely reporting is essential for providing the client with updates on the transportation status, ensuring smooth and efficient shipping
  • One contact
    Receive an assigned contact partner for all your shipments so you don’t have to worry about whom to be in touch with. This also allows us to know and understand your business and offer consistent and effective solutions
Implemented services for transporting oversized cargo for our clients

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