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Awards Presented at Staff Christmas Parties

SBS is a Tanzanian company that has built strong relationships with local suppliers over a period of 12 years.  We would like to thank our valued suppliers for their contribution to our business and more particularly, for their contribution towards our annual performance awards for SBS staff who had excelled in performing their duties during the year.  The awards were presented at our Christmas parties held at various SBS locations.  Special thanks go to:

  • Al Aziz
  • Brayson
  • East African Glass Mart
  • Hi Bros Canvas & Tents
  • Ideal Supplies
  • Kugo
  • Land Auto Spares
  • Nilus
  • Open Sanit
  • Peak
  • Raj Electronics
  • Saks
  • Satellite Travel
  • Two Tusks



Supporting Local Farmers

Since 2012, SBS has been working with local farmers in Mbeya District, helping them to implement the mass production of certain vegetables with a view to supplying camps in the region.  SBS engaged Shamba Landscapes as consultants to assess the viability of setting up the supply of fruit and vegetables from local communities for the 550-man SBS-catered camp at New Luika Gold Mine, Chunye, Mbeya district.  

The conditions were found to be suitable to increase the range of vegetables grown by local farmers. There was a definite eagerness on the part of the locals to be involved in this project, but training and assistance would be required.

Four farmers were selected to take part based on their existing skills and location, willingness to learn to schedule plantings and "mass produce" specific vegetables of a consistent quality, and camp requirements.  SBS delivers seed to the farmers and buys the resulting produce to take to camp.  SBS has also helped with piping and sprayers.

As an example weekly collection of vegetables from the four farmers will include 95kgs of green peppers, 100kgs of onions, and 800 bunches of Chinese cabbage. The farmers have been producing on a consistent basis since inception and have shown marked improvement in their farming practices for the purpose required.

The farmer with the highest production earns an average of Tshs 450,000 per week, some of which is paid to his three assistants, boosting trade in the village.

Vegetables and fruit are still sourced from Mbeya, but the success of the farmers project to date and increasing demand due to our client's expansion, means that SBS could expand this project in the near future.

The consultants also implemented a composting scheme at the camp kitchen and planted vegetable gardens in the camp grounds, producing small amounts of herbs and paw paws.